About moleko

Moleko is a leading producer of sulfur-based specialty chemistries for the mining and industrials markets.

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Moleko specializes in sulfur chemistry for mining and industrial markets. Our team serves customers across highly diverse sectors and in different continents.

Moleko has been the trusted partner for customers to improve their HSE and sustainability profile for over 75 years.

In mining, we serve both the base and precious metals segments. The industrial segments we serve include food processing, water treatment, remediation, oil and gas, and tanning. To these markets moleko provides consultation, custom manufacturing and research, development services, and environmental engineering services. Moleko’s value proposition is built upon service-oriented teams with deep technical expertise in the various markets and applications our specialty chemistries are used.

Our innovation centers further support research and development of product solutions that are customized as needed to maximize effectiveness and efficiencies for our customers’ needs. These solutions are then scaled through our vast manufacturing and supply chain landscape, with quality control/assurance in place to meet unique specifications, assays, or blends as necessary. Consulting collaboratively with our partners, further enhances this value proposition, which allows moleko to use proprietary technology that can be forward or backward integrated to upcycle the use of chemistry for mutual value creation.

Moleko’s foundation is a 75+ year legacy of sustainable and consistent production of a growing and diverse sulfur-derivative portfolio. Our products are environmentally friendly, deliver measurable value and reliable outcomes.

Moleko’s product portfolio is backed by strong (award-winning) logistics to ensure reliability, consistency of supply, and flexibility in delivery. Moleko sets the industry standard in product stewardship by leveraging its deep technical expertise in delivering continued measurable value to its customers.

The story of Tessenderlo Kerley, bringing sulfur to life.
  • The moleko product portfolio is

    • Used to increase process efficiencies and effectiveness in its applications.
    • Coupled with deep technical institutional knowledge and superior product-stewardship.
    • Tailored to delivering improvements in health, safety, handling, and environmental profiles.  
  • Mission

    At moleko our mission is to enhance our customers’ sustainable profile through innovative sulfur-based specialty solutions.

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Moleko represents Tessenderlo Kerley Inc.’s mining and industrial business unit. 

Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. is part of Tessenderlo Group, founded in 1919 and the descendent of The Kerley Chemical Company, founded in 1947 by four brothers who recognized a growing demand for sulfur products in Pecos, Texas, shortly after the end of World War II.

Through the combined knowledge and expertise of these entities, Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. has become an established leader in the production and marketing of specialty products used in the agriculture, mining and process chemical industries.