Innovation & R&D

R&D location map
From the beginning, innovation and a commitment to research has been etched in to our DNA, cementing our place as world leaders in innovative sulfur products, applications, processes and services.
Moleko, as a part of the Tessenderlo Group, utilizes two innovation centers, the Tessenderlo Kerley Phoenix Innovation Center (USA) and the Tessenderlo Innovation Center (Belgium). Our R&D is backed by a world class team of Engineers, Scientists, Chemists and metallurgists.
With a customer-centric approach guiding all development aspects we welcome close collaborations that will lead to unique applications and products.
  • The Phoenix Innovation Center
  • The Phoenix Innovation Center, a 25000 square foot, state-of-the-art R&D facility, specializes in innovating our chemistry through research and design as well as providing the best in quality control for our products. It is fully equipped with an array of modern analytical tools, synthesis and formulation capabilities and a dedicated minerals separations lab. 

Our researchers collaborate with leading universities and research groups to harness the best of science to accelerate problem solving and solution providing.

  • University of British Columbia logo

    University of British Columbia

    Department of Materials Engineering, Dr. David Dresinger

    Department of Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering, Dr. Marek Pawlik

  • UC Riverside logo

    University of California Riverside

    Department of Environmental Sciences, Dr. Jay Gan