ABS | Ammonium Bisulfite Solution

ABS | Ammonium Bisulfite Solution

The effective and flexible choice. 


ABS is used in de-chlorination of water.

It also has uses as an oxygen scavenger in the oil and gas industry, and various applications in the food industry including sugar beet processing and the caramel coloring process.

When it comes to effective liquid sulfur-based mining reagents, moleko provides high quality products and technical expertise to support your operations in-plant. ABS is an aqueous ammonium bisulfite solution that effectively neutralizes cyanide in the Inco SO2/Air process.

  • Field Tested and Proven - ABS is currently in use in numerous mines
  • Ease of Handling - shipped as a liquid in bulk; no need to dissolve reagent prior to use
  • High Strength - Up to 45% SO2 content
Inspection Pipeline Plants

WHY USE moleko ABS?

  • Flexible - Can be applied to the treatment of both cyanide solutions and slurries
  • Fast and Effective - Can achieve low total cyanide (CN) in a single stage
  • Proven - Over 120 applications since 1980
  • Robust - Can treat solutions with high soluble metal concentrations
  • Thorough - Will oxidize free cyanide and all cyanide complexed with copper, nickel, zinc, silver and cadmium
  • Safe - No mixing of dry reagents, or production/use of Caro’s acid
  • Service - We have in-house technical expertise to help you get the most from ABS; we can and will support your conversion with field support in mill
  • Strong - Has significantly more SO2 available than alternative solutions

ABS® | Ammonium Bisulfite Solution


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