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TETRAGARD®| Sodium Polysulfide Solution

For water treatment and soil remediation

    Water Treatment

    Capturing heavy metals in a wide range of applications

    Tetragard (Sodium polysulfide) captures and removes metals of concern from the environment. It is a safer alternative to the commonly used sodium hydrosulfide in wastewater streams, soil remediation, and mining applications.

    • Patented heavy metal precipitant
    • Easy to apply and highly effective
    • Long-term sustainable soil remediation
    • Should be used in alkaline conditions
    • Improved HSE profile compared to alternatives

      Typical Properties

      Appearance | Ruby-red liquid

      Chemical Family | Inorganic salt solution

      Relative Density | 1.37 (11.4lbs/gal)

      pH | 10.5 to 12.5

      Salt Out Temperature | 32°F


      Tetragard® | Sodium Polysulfide Solution


      Safety Data Sheet