Water &Waste Treatment

Water treatment system

Providing the world with clean water for a better future.

Our products help municipalities and industry to meet their water treatment needs efficiently and economically while offering strict NSF certification guidelines.

  • CAPTOR® | Calcium Thiosulfate Solution

    Captor is a non-hazardous solution used for de-chlorination, ozone quenching and neutralizing chlorine, sodium hypobromite, and ozone in water treatment.

    Captor is NSF certified for use in drinking water.

  • CALMET® | Calcium Polysulfide Solution

    Calmet is a non-hazardous liquid used in various waste treatment applications as a metal precipitant.

    Calmet is NSF certified.

  • DIMET™ | Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate Solution

    Dimet is a metal precipitating agent used to remove metals from water/wastewater streams.