TKI-330 | Proprietary Polysulfide-based Solution

TKI-330 for depression of iron and copper sulfides

TKI-330 is a water-based proprietary sulfide solution that acts as a mineral depressant in mining applications, especially in molybdenum recover circuits.

Mineral sulfides such as iron and copper are depressed by TKI-330 to facilitate molybdenum sulfide recovery and grade/concentration.

TKI-330 has been tested at several mines and results obtained demonstrate that it is an effective replacement for NaHS and/or FeCN as a copper/iron sulfide depressant, with virtually identical metallurgical results in molybdenum roughers and cleaners. Our sulfur-based products provide improved HSE profiles and are effective, high quality solutions for molybdenum recovery.

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Why TKI-330?

  • Provides virtually identical metallurgical recoveries relative to NaHS at similar dosages.
  • Depresses copper (Cu) and iron (Fe) sulfides in the molybdenum circuit.
  • Provides significant health, safety and environmental (HSE) advantages over NaHS with respect to handling, storage and application:
    • Has a much lower hydrogen sulfide (H2S) vapor pressure in comparison to NaHS, especially at a lower pH operating range.
    • Has a lower freezing point than NaHS: 18 to 25°F for TKI-330 vs nominal 40-60 °F for NaHS.

Typical Properties

Active Ingredient | 27% - 29%
Calcium [Wt. % Ca] | 5.8% - 6.4%
Sulfur [Wt. % S] | 21% - 23%
Approximate Specific Gravity | 1.26 - 1.28
Approximate Weight per US Gallon | 10.6 lbs.
pH (neat) | 10.5 - 11.5
pH (300 ppm in DI water) | 9.88 @ 24°C (water pH is 7.05)
pH (300 ppm in Tap water; Solution is Cloudy | 9.18 @ 24°C (water pH is 7.55)
Color | Ruby - Red

TKI-330 | Proprietary Polysulfide-based Solution

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