CAPTOR® | Calcium Thiosulfate Solution

Captor is the preferred water treatment solution for the potable water and wastewater treatment industries.

Captor is a non-hazardous solution used for de-chlorination, ozone quenching and neutralizing chlorine, sodium hypobromite, and ozone in water treatment. Captor is also colorless, nearly odorless, and is certified in accordance with the NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water applications.
Water Treatment

Why Captor?

Water and wastewater plant operators choose Captor because tank and line heating is not needed in most situations, and there is little to no off-gassing which prevents pollution, excess corrosion, injury and eliminates vapor locking. Also, Captor is more efficient and requires lower dosing rates than other chemicals for ozone quenching.

  • Maintains a low freezing point
  • Lower crystallization point
  • Applicator friendly
  • Carrier water not required
  • Environmentally friendly

Captor® | Calcium Thiosulfate Solution

Captor is also NSF certified for use in drinking water.


Safety Data Sheet